Marketing Your Program

Marketing a new program to your community can feel daunting, but GGLeagues is here to provide support and resources to help get your program off the ground.

We have broken down the outreach and marketing into the following phases.

Phase One Community Research
Phase Two Program Launch
Phase Three Program Promotion
Phase Four Program Retention

Phase One: Community Research

should we create a research document to help communities learn where/how they can do outreach?

Meet the gamers where they are

Let's first start off with how to find the gaming community. We know that 90% of kids play video games, but what are the various marketing channels that can be used to reach the community?


The most effective way to reach the gaming community is to go through the local schools. GGLeagues provides physical marketing support that can be distributed through your local schools. To request physical marketing materials, fill out the form here: (insert physical marketing URL).

  • Middle schools and high schools are adopting esports into athletics and student involvement. Many schools have gaming clubs which can be a great avenue to reach the gamers.

  • Colleges over the past decade have been building collegiate esports and gaming programs. Depending on your location, the local college could have an esports program, gaming center, and/or a student-run gaming club. GGLeagues has great relationships with colleges across the country and we would be happy to help facilitate an initial conversation. Please reach out to your partner success manager if this is of interest to you.

Gaming Centers

Local Libraries

Youth Groups and Other Youth Focused Local Initiatives

Phase Two: Program Launch (Club Interest)

Drive people to join your club

The program launch is to start driving interest to all the gamers in the community. This messaging should be geared towards all gamers and anyone who might be interested in future events.

  1. Send out a press release to local media outlets announcing the new club and program
  2. Send out an email announcement to your community announcing the new club
  3. Provide local schools with the new club announcement
  4. Launch digital media posts announcing the new club
  5. Distribute the physical marketing materials
  6. Host a virtual interest session (GGLeagues can lead this)

Phase Three: Program Seasonal Promotion

Announcing the leagues and events

Announce the seasonal information about the leagues and events. Now that you have gathered interest in the club and created a buzz in your community, you can start to market the leagues in addition to continuing to promote the clubs.

  1. Email blast to all club members
  2. Launch digital media posts
  3. Brochure program placement

Phase Four: Program Retention

The first season at GGLeagues is over. What do you do next?

In order to continue to build the community, you will want to continue to promote the club for people to join. We recommend continually having physical marketing materials available in high-traffic areas and testing out ways to reach the community. Each season you will be responsible for updating your community on when the next seasons begin and whenever there are new events to promote.