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GGLeagues provides esports leagues and infrastructure to empower communities with the goal of connecting gamers in real life through gaming.

Due to COVID-19: GGLeagues will be supporting the esports community by offering free full service 6 week intramural leagues for all interested schools and organizations. Let us organize an esports competition customized for your school to help keep the community active and engaged during this pandemic. If you would like to organize an intramural league for your school, please contact with your name and school and we will follow up with you!

How It Works

1. Register

Message us at
with your name and school to register

2. Virtual Meeting To Set Up Your League

Meet with GGLeagues staff to customize a league built specifically for your school.

3. Register Players

Recruit players for your league and let GGLeagues handle everything else, including scheduling, refereeing, and score updating.

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Grow as a player, and as part of our community

GGLeagues keeps track of your progress over time

Win badges, banners, and championships to celebrate your progress as a player and as a teammate.
Strategize with your team by viewing opponent team rosters, stats, and recent matches.
Vote for the top community highlight streams.

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