Central Illinois Esports Conference

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GGLeagues was founded in 2018 with the simple idea that all gamers should get an opportunity to compete at the games that they love. Whether you are looking to go pro, play varsity or just have a good time competing, you have to start your journey somewhere and we built GGLeagues to be that start. Recreational esports is something anyone, anywhere, with any skill level should be able to play in and here at GGLeagues, it’s our mission to make that come true.

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GGLeagues provides communities a turnkey solution to easily launch esports leagues to engage and reach their audiences. We understand the esports industry and will provide the tools to help you reach your audience effectively and authentically. GGLeagues handles the logistics of running the leagues taking care of every step of the process. Our platform is built for a streamlined user experience and to provide organizations with a new revenue stream.

Central Illinois Esports Conference Fall 2022 Season Details

  • Registration Closes: Wednesday, September 21st, 11:59PM CT
  • Season Format:
    • Regular Season: 5 weeks, one match per week
    • Playoffs: 3 weeks, with the top 8 teams qualifying per league
  • Start Dates (all games start at 4PM Central Time):
    • Valorant: Monday, September 26th
    • NBA 2K23: Monday, September 26th
    • Rocket League: Tuesday, September 27th
    • League of Legends: Wednesday, September 28th
    • Super Smash Bros: Thursday, September 29th
    • Super Smash Bros 2v2: Thursday, September 29th (Starts at 5pm)
  • Playoff Start Dates:
    • Valorant: Monday, October 31st
    • NBA 2K23: Monday, October 31st
    • Rocket League: Tuesday, November 1st
    • League of Legends: Wednesday, November 2nd
    • Super Smash Bros: Thursday, November 3rd
    • Super Smash Bros 2v2: Thursday, November 3rd
  • League Fees:
    • All Games: $40 per Team
    • Rocket League: Free
  • Start Time: All Leagues Start at 4PM Central Time
  • Contact: support@ggleagues.com
  • Prizing: Prizing will feature a plaque for all championship winning teams!

Registration Links

Fall Leagues

NBA 2K23
Rocket League
League of Legends
Super Smash Bros
Super Smash Bros 2v2