GGLeagues + Echo League

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Echo League has Returned! We've teamed up with GGLeagues to bring a new season of Echo League to life! You can form a team a join up for 6 weeks of league play to try and become the Season 4 Champion!

How to Sign Up

NOTE: Echo League Season 4 is only being run in the North American Region, other regions may be supported in future seasons

  1. Make an account at GGLeagues
  2. Create a Team
  3. Register for the Echo League Season 4 Event
  4. Get ready to play!


Are there limits around skill?
There are no plans for skill brackets at this time. You can play with a team of your choosing, no restrictions

What regions are supported?
Echo League Season 4 will only be run in North America.

How will groups be formed?
After registration is closed we will create groups and assign player groups

How will games be run?
We are running games every Thursday at 7PM Central during league/seasonal play. They will be Bo2 series. Playoff will be a single-elimination bracket, with exact dates determined based on number of teams

Are there prizes?
The grand champion team will be given $250 in Steam Wallet Credit. Individual group winners will get $50 in Steam Wallet Credit.

What are the rules?
The current rules are being finalized, but can be viewed in the Echo League Rules Repo here

Why is there a registration fee?
The team registration fee covers costs of staffing referees and helps us offer a prizes to winning teams.

Where can I chat with the Echo League Community
Players can use the Echo League Discord

Echo League Season 4 Details

  • Registration Closes: Thursday, October 14th, 11:59PM Central Daylight Time
  • Season Format:
    • Regular Season: Weekly Bo2 Round Robin, 6 weeks
    • Playoffs: Single elimination bracket, seeded with top teams from group stages
  • Season Schedule:
    • Week 1: Thursday October 21st @ 7PM (Central)
    • Week 2: Thursday October 28th @ 7PM (Central)
    • Week 3: Thursday November 4th @ 7PM (Central)
    • Week 4: Thursday November 11th @ 7PM (Central)
    • Week 5: Thursday November 18th @ 7PM (Central)
    • BREAK FOR THANKSGIVING (No Games Scheduled)
    • Week 6: Thursday December 2nd @ 7PM (Central)
  • Playoff Start Dates: Week of December 5th (Actual dates TBD based on playoff size)
  • League Fees: $50 per team
  • Match Start Time: 7PM Central Time
  • Prizing: Grand Champion will get $250 in Steam Wallet Credit, and individual group winners will receive $50 in Steam Wallet Credit.